18 november 2019

Lernert & Sander both live in Amsterdam and have been working together there since 2007. As an inseparable duo, they run a multi-faceted art practice as conceptual artists and filmmakers.

In 2018, Arttenders collaborated with Studio Lernert & Sander when designing a campaign for Nedvang titled 40 jaar glasbak’ - Lekker Bezig! Part of this campaign was a sweater bearing the well-known logo for glass recycling, that was sent to various influencers, to spread the sustainable message in a low-key, fun and accessible way.

about Studio lernert & sander

Artist duo known from their award-winning work for COS, Viktor & Rolf, Eastpak, Ace & Tate, Vogue and Oppo, among others.



Lernert & Sander's Glasbak Sweater for the national Glasbak-campaing in coordination with Arttenders.

Award-winning simplicity

Lernert Engelberts (1977) and Sander Plug (1969) are two highly talented Dutch artists based in Amsterdam. Since they started their collaboration, they have been creating high-conceptual art films and eye-catching installations, with simple but stunning art direction, all driven by their subtly dry, cheeky sense of humour. Lernert & Sander’s approach has earned the duo numerous awards, international accolades and industry-wide recognition.

They have created installations for the windows at Selfridges, where they transformed large household objects into high fashion ladies' shoes. Their film Natural Beauty, commissioned by Nowness, has become an international phenomenon, receiving over a million hits on YouTube and being blogged by luminaries as unexpected as Perez Hilton and Oprah Winfrey.

Lernert & Sander push simplicity to its most aesthetically powerful limits and have been nominated for a number of prizes, such as the Dutch Design Award for Best Motion Design in 2011 for their film 'Elektrotechnique', YCN professional Awards for The Sound of Cos in 2015 and the Milano Design Award for their Boring Collection in 2016.


Lernert & Sander at Selfridges in 2011.


Creating a fragrance called 'Everything' for Colette in 2012.

Glas in't bakkie

Together with Arttenders, Studio Lernert & Sander created 40 Jaar Glasbak - Lekker Bezig!, a national advertising campaign to celebrate 40 years of glass recycling in the Netherlands. It was designed to reach stakeholders, Dutch municipalities and the general public to create top-of-mind awareness around glass recycling.

Lernert & Sander embraced the iconic design of the Dutch glass recycling bin and its logo. Five eye-catching recycling bins were selected and transformed into delicious cakes. Images of these cakes were transformed into various printed and online means of communication.


National campaign, starring the Glasbak-cakes.

De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig

To engage a young and diverse audience Lernert & Sander collaborated with Dutch hip hop formation De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig to create a music video for their song titled Glasbak.

In the end, this succesfull campaign won Silver in the category Not for Profit in the Grand Prix Content Marketing Awards.


De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig in their music video for 'Glasbak'.